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What is the proper way to take care of fresh cut flowers?

All cut flowers must be kept moist constantly to sustain their fresh appearance for as long as possible. If your flowers are placed in a container with floral foam make sure to add water daily, mixed with soluable plant food suitable for flowers . Pour the mixture in the centre of the foam so as not to overflow. When receiving flowers in a vase make sure the water is clear and contains plant food. When first placing cut flowers in water be sure to cut the base of each stem on an angle and under water. This assures a greater surface area for water/nutrient absorption and it eliminates osmotic shock by eliminating air contact with the absorbing stem cells.

What does it mean when the water in the vase or container turns yellow or cloudy?

This discolouration is the result of bacterial growth in the water Its presence means the plant or flower is inhibited from properly absorbing water and nutrients due to a filmy build up on the cut base of the stem.

Should fresh cut flowers be placed in direct sunlight?

No. Once they are cut flowers need to be placed in indirect lighted areas. Direct sunlight only accelerates the evaporation of the water and causes the flower to dry out faster and wither.

How long do fresh cut flowers usually last?

Depending on the flower variety itself, fresh cut flowers can last from as little as a few days up to three weeks. Tulips and irises last only a few days while some tropicals will last weeks. Proper care and of course starting with fresh healthy stock will assure maximum life span. Flower Parade guarantees freshness for a minimum of 48 hours after delivery for all cut flowers.

Can anything be done to revive wilted flowers?

Sometimes flowers can be revived by emersing them in the sink or large container of water. This provides the flower with the maximum exposure and opportunity to absorb the necessary moisture lost.

What care do houseplants require?

Because they are a living entity, houseplants require sunlight and adequate moisture. Placing them in an area of direct sunlight is best for most plants provided the soil is always kept moist. The principal reason for houseplant failure is over watering. Check the soil daily with your finger for moisture. If it feels moist leave it and check it the next day but don’t saturate the soil when you do add water. Room temperature is important too. About 17 degrees Celsius is ideal. House plants not only bring beauty to the home they are a good source of oxygen helping to refreshen the air.

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