Fresh flowers bring beautiful nature inside your home. Fragrant fresh cut flowers are now available for delivery at any home or office in Mississauga. At Flower Parade we pride ourselves to be the most popular florist in Mississauga.

We provide flowers for all events and celebrations. We deliver fresh flowers at any corporate and personal event in Mississauga. Fresh cut flowers bring an elegant touch to any event. We receive our flowers from all over the world. We source our flowers from the best flower growers around the world. This way we are able to provide the largest selection to our multi-cultural clientele of Mississauga.

To enjoy the maximum longevity and beauty of fresh-cut flowers we advise our clients with a few simple and easy-to-follow tips. They are;

A clean vase and water: bacteria and fungi are the worst enemies of fresh-cut flowers. As a leading florist of Mississauga, we can attest to the fact clean water and the environment plays a vital part in the longevity of these fresh cut flowers. A clean vase will ensure that you will enjoy its elegant presence the longest in your home or office. At Flower Parade we also offer the option to deliver the floral arrangement in a clean plastic or glass vase. Our vases are aesthetically designed to suit any room. Also, you don’t have to run around to look for it. The flowers are optimally cut and splendidly arranged so you can place them at your favorite table and enjoy it. We at Flower Parade make it easy and affordable to enjoy fresh flowers in the comfort of your home.

The temperature of water: Many people make the mistake of filling up the vase with cold or cool water. Lukewarm water is the best suited for fresh cut flowers. The absorption rate of lukewarm water is much greater as compared to cooler water. The higher the hydration the better and longer flowers stay in your home. We deliver flowers to any Mississauga location in its optimum condition and health. If properly cared for fresh flowers stay beautiful for a good period of time. The quality of water also plays a role in the longevity of fresh flowers. As a top florist in Mississauga, we know our flowers! Fluoride present in the water is harmful to freesia and gerbera. Also, dissolved minerals also sometimes hamper the ability of stems to absorb water. We recommend all our clients to use filtered water to maximize the blooms and the lives of flowers at your home and office in Mississauga.

Flower Food: Along with our fresh-cut flowers and floral arrangements we provide a customized flower food sachet. This flower food mimics the nutrients provided to the flower by its plant. This flower food when used as per the directions will help extend the life of your fresh cut flowers in Mississauga. Sugar, acidifier, and cleaning agents are three active components of any flower food. The right combination of these three ingredients will optimize the life of your flowers delivered by Flower Parade.

Removing Foliage and re-cutting the stems: Every vase and home is different. So when you insert your fresh cut flowers from Flower Parade in your vase it is very important that you remove ALL the leaves which fell the below water line in your vase. This ensures the water inside the vase remains harmful bacteria and fungi-free for a longer period of time ensuring a better lifespan for fresh cut flowers.

Also, re-cutting the stems before putting them in your vase improves the water absorption in the water. With a sharp knife or clippers remove one inch of stem from the bottom at an angle. The resulting slanted fresh-cut stems will have a much better water absorption rate. Our premium floral arrangements that are delivered in vases are pre-cut so you can just display them without any hassle.

Our experienced florists in Mississauga recommend checking and adjusting water levels in your vase daily. Remove any leaves and flowers below the water line to prevent the introduction of decaying bacteria and fungi.

At we offer a wide variety of flowers from all over the world. We deliver all types of fresh-cut flowers and floral arrangements to all types of residences, offices, and events in Mississauga. For corporate and large events please call one of our helpful and experienced florists in Mississauga for a price and availability of flowers.