Flowers beautifully symbolize the sanctity of the life. They convey emotions and hopes in a meaningful and personalized manner. You can choose any flower for any occasion, however there are certain flowers associated with certain life events. As we all know, red rose is now synonymous to Valentine’s day. In various cultures and religions, flowers and their arrangements hold certain significance for different events. Flower Parade has been providing fresh flowers and arrangements to various funeral services in Mississauga and Toronto.

Top 5 funeral flowers choices in Mississauga:

There are certain flowers which are associated with funeral ceremonies. Even though you can choose which ever flower you want at a funeral ceremony, some of the most popular choices are as follows;

  1. Lilies: Lilies and their various floral arrangement styles are one of the most popular choice for funeral services in Mississauga. Their strong aroma and beautiful appearance, symbolizes the now departed loved one is at peace now. Lilies holds a significant importance in Christian culture. They represent purity and radiance of the soul. There is also a popular belief that the tomb of Virgin Mary was also covered in Lilies. White Lilies are the most requested color of flower for various funeral services in Toronto and Mississauga.
  2. Orchids: Orchids, regardless of their color symbolizes eternal love. These flowers also make thoughtful gifts to the family and loved ones of the deceased person. Orchids can be used in floral arrangements also can be bought and presented separately as a house plant. As a potted plant, they have significantly longer life span.
  3. Roses: Roses are universal flowers. Different colors of roses symbolize different emotions. White roses signify spirituality and innocence. Red roses as always symbolizes deep love for someone also grief for the departed soul. Yellow roses are often given by friends to the family. These flowers show their bond and sadness on the passing of their beloved friend.
  4. Flower Parade also makes wreaths, blankets, stands and other types of floral arrangements from roses of various colors. We also offer the flexibility of mixing other flowers in such floral arrangements.
  5. Chrysanthemums: In North American and European cultures these flowers represent sympathy. The color of these flowers also mean different things. A red chrysanthemum portrays love, meanwhile white one shows honour and innocence. On the other hand, Asian cultures this flowers represents rebirth, so it is mostly used in baby showers.
  6. Carnations: These flowers are the most popular choice for wreaths and floral stands for funeral services and ceremonies in Mississauga. Our talented florists at Flower Parade can make personalized floral arrangements. These arrangements can be anything from a favorite sports team logo to a personal activity.

There are other flowers which routinely requested and used for funeral ceremonies in Mississauga and Toronto. Hyacinth is also a popular flower which symbolizes deep anguish. Various colors of this flower can be used to makes wreath and other personalized arrangements.

At Flower Parade we only use the best quality of flowers with vibrant colors. We have been supplying local and exotic flowers for Mississauga and Toronto residents for many years.

Toronto Flower Delivery Option Now Available!

At Flower Parade, we choose and design personalized floral arrangements for all occasions. We have been designing floral arrangements with popular and rare colors of flowers for our customers all over Mississauga and Toronto. Now we have expanded our delivery services at various locations in Toronto. We will deliver fresh flowers, wreaths, blankets and bouquets to any home, office and locations in Mississauga and Toronto. For all your floral needs for any occasion and event call or visit us today!