Flowers are essential in every wedding. Normally flowers are used for only as centerpieces. Here we have gathered more ideas on how to use flowers at your wedding.

Flower wall

You can have a backdrop wall that is filled with flowers all together. For more budget conscious couples who still wish to have flower backdrop just add a few flowers hand hang them as a backdrop. Both versions will look fantastic and add something extra to your big day.

Lovely wedding dress from Ruche and gorgeous wall of ombré flowers!

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Romantic Bridal Inspiration Shoot - photo by Lindsey Orton Photography

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Flower garland on sweetheart chairs

wedding chair boughs, floral chair garlands

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Fro a beautiful detail add flower garland hanging from the chairs. You can have them only at the sweetheart table or then for several other chairs as well. There is also a wide diversity on which kind of garland to have.

Ceremony chairs

Decorate our chairs at the ceremony by putting flower bouquets or flowers in a jar hanging from the chairs.

Rustic & Romantic Burlap & Peach Wedding Aisle Chair Décor. Source: the every last detail. #chairdecor #burlap

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Flower pomander

Flower pomander will look beautiful and unique.  The are not only for the flower girl nowadays but make a great decoration as well.

Beautiful for an English country garden Wedding - floral pomanders hanging from an archway

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Flower letters

Have your first letters or x and o’s built of beautiful flower letters. These you place either on your sweetheart table or then receiving table or cake table. Beautiful wedding detail.

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