This is perhaps the most significant occasion one associates flowers with. Apart from the gentle beauty they add, there is a great deal of ritual involving flowers in the wedding ceremony. Flower Parade has designed and supplied floral arrangements for thousands of weddings so you can feel confident in our artistic integrity and floral quality. Wedding Flowers Toronto, Mississauga and Surrounding areas by Mississauga Florist. We always stay abreast of the latest fashion trends.

For example:

  • Flowers to the Bride

    In most eastern European cultures it is traditional to give the bride a bouquet. The best way to catch her attention is to choose a bouquet of her favourite flowers and colours.

  • Flowers To Wear

    It is considered an honour to be a member of the wedding party and as a member each person receives a corsage for the ladies and a boutinier for the gentlemen. The floral selection and design of either should be compatible with the brides bouquet to compliment it.

  • Ceremonial Flowers

    Decorative floral arrangements for the ceremony add so much to a wedding whether luxurious, traditional or simple. Fresh flowers enhance the ceremonial atmosphere for everyone in attendance.

  • Reception Flowers

    Flowers can capture that special feeling created by the ceremony when chosen for the reception. Decorative arrangements chosen for the head table and the guest tables should compliment the floral arrangements chosen for the wedding.

  • Rental Pieces

    At Flower Parade we are committed to providing your wedding with every possible floral amenity to assure the most memorable occasion. In addition to floral arrangements we also provide: arches, candelabras and pedestals.

Wedding Bouquets

Bouquets can range from a simple one tone cluster to a more dynamic arrangement featuring varied flowers, colours and shapes. Some examples of the latter are:

  • Nosegays

    A round shaped design featuring many tightly bunched flowers with a minimum showing of contrast greenery.

  • Cascades

    This is the traditional free flowing bouquet resembling a cascading waterfall.

  • Hand Tied

    An unarranged gathering of different types of flowers giving the bouquet a very natural appearance with the stems tied and showing.

  • Contemporary

    Breaking with tradition, these bouquets feature very modern floral designs reflecting any shape desired.


Flower Parade has been providing every conceivable floral requirement that today’s weddings commands. Our decades of experience providing for thousands of weddings means we have a wealth of information on what’s fashionable. Consultations are available to you at no additional charge. Our staff will be delighted to sit down with you and help plan every floral detail of your wedding to suit your taste and budget. View wedding FAQ’s

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