Popular colours for flowers during Christmas are red and white with accents of metallic. Popular flowers that are used during holidays include amaryllis, poinsettia, Christmas rose, ivy and mistletoe.

christmas flower arrangement 5
Christmas flower arrangements

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To add some accents to the centrepiece consider adding metallic colours such as metallic coloured pears or leaves. Succulents, branches and pinecones also add nice details to Christmas centerpieces. Glitter and crystals are also a popular and very effective way to add more details to the centerpieces. They will also make the centerpiece look more festive.

christmas flower arrangement 3
Christmas flower arrangements

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Change the normal glass vase to something different for example a bulk tree, metallic bucket or add cranberries to the vase for colour. Mix red and white amaryllis flower arrangement with a vase with stripes to create a look of classic candy canes. You can also  add candy canes to the vase for a more festive look.

christmas flower arrangement 2
Christmas flower arrangements

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When deciding on the style of your Christmas centerpieces remember to make them joyful and to reflect the occasion. Christmas is the happiest time of the year and the centerpiece should reflect that. For a more joyful look consider having a vase that fits the theme for example a vase that is a present box or a red vase with white snowflakes.

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It always a popular option to have candles by themselves or in a hurricane glass attached to the centerpiece. Wreaths are very popular during the season and they make a very beautiful door décor for the house.

christmas wreath
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