Color has a tremendous power when it comes to healing, expressing emotions or simply send a message to someone you want to convey your thoughts. Roses with their amazing colors can do more wonders than you can think of. As an age old tradition, roses have been used to convey messages and the color plays a very prominent role in indicating the nature of the message.

Without understanding the meaning of rose color, you may be a victim of misunderstanding by delivering the wrong roses. Florists in Mississauga can help you select the right colour roses for your best occasions.

Relationships matter to everyone and depending upon the type, make the right color selection.

Red indicates love:

Red is a perfect colour to express your true love. Giving red roses to your loved one shows your desire and passion. You can give red roses for Valentine’s Day, Birth Day, Anniversaries, apologies or to simply say “I love you”.

Show your gratitude and affection with pink:

You don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to gift roses. You can send pink roses to show your gratitude towards someone who cares for you. This color is more feminine and can be used to express more subtle love and affection to someone you care.

Indicate your love at first sight with lavender:

Lavender roses indicate a sense of enchantment. You can send it when you have fallen in love with the person for the first time. The color also indicates that you are interested in knowing them better.

White is the symbol of beginning, purity and innocence:

Gift white roses to brides. Offer your condolences with white roses. When there are new beginnings involved or simply to show how much you love your family, give them white roses. White stands for peace and when you want to make peace with your greatest enemy, don’t forget to send white roses.

Yellow is the sign of friendship:

A perfect way to show your friend that you care is when you send them cheerful yellow roses. If you think your feelings are changing from friendship to more intimate, then you can send yellow roses with red shades.

Oranges are for surprises:

Orange color is an indication that you are feeling enthusiastic and joyful. What can be a more adventurous way of sharing this with your partner and invoke the desire in them? Save the red roses only for special occasions. Orange roses can also be given as spontaneous gifts.

Negative feelings are expressed with black:

Are you planning to break up with your fiancee? Send them black roses to show that you want to end the relationship smoothly. Black roses reduce the intensity of bitterness in both the parties.

Florists in Mississauga give careful consideration to all your emotions and value your relationships. Your florist is your flower therapist. Make an appointment or pay a quick visit at Flower Parade Inc. to know the right color you need to shop for your roses.