Brides these days are getting more eco-conscious than before. This means there is more need for eco-friendly flowers. We took a closer look at what are eco-friendly flowers and added some tips on how you can make your wedding flower arrangements more eco-friendly.

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Flowers can have a huge impact on the environment due to fertilizers and fuel emissions. If you wish to be more eco-friendly make sure the flowers you have are local, seasonal and pesticide free. Try to avoid flowers that come from the other side of the world as those a huge carbon footprint, also those flowers are sometimes grown in developing countries where they use pesticides which are banned in Canada.

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Eco flowers are grown on farms that meet the set environmental and social standards. There are many different standards around the globe. The following being the most well-known and liable: Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and VeriFlora. The farms need to meet the set standards on areas such as social responsibility, environmental impact and working conditions.

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Another side to think about is what to do with the flowers after the big day. One option is to get flowers that can be replanted. Instead of having cut flowers think about having potted flowers which your guests can take home as a memory from your wedding or on then you can take them home yourself. One option to both save the environment and to save some cash is to have the wedding in one of the beautiful gardens in Toronto where you can just simply enjoy the flowers there.