Floral hair arrangements have become more popular among brides and flowers are an essential part of every wedding. You can also add some real flower’s to your hair do on your big day to make your hair look even more magnificent. Depending on your style you can either have one corsage, a few flowers around or then a floral headband to decorate your hair do.


(Photo credit: http://thenorthernbride.blogspot.ca/2012/02/wedding-hairdos-with-flowers-curls.html)

Bride’s hair is adjusted many times a day and it must last for the entire day. This means that the floral hair accessories must last long. There is also some extra pressure on the head flowers on your big. This is why you should make sure to pick up flowers that last so they will stay beautiful from morning to the late night of your special day.


(Photo credit: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/anyone-wear-a-hair-flower-and-a-veil/#axzz3DOXUujQf)

When using real flowers try to avoid them contacting your bare skin as the flowers colour can transfer into your skin due to sweating. We would also recommend on trying you hair do’s first with fake flowers just to see what it will look like. The floral hair accessories must be made on the very day to ensure their longevity. It is also recommended to have them stored in the cold right before it is put in your hair.

floral hair arrangement 3

(Photo credit:http://www.pinterest.com/flower597/wedding-hair-decorations/)