As fall is approaching we took a closer look at which  flowers are the best for autumn weddings. In the fall season the nature glows with color, where it is easy to find a beautiful theme for a wedding. At this time the color schemes vary from warm shades of yellow and orange, to brown and red. They can also be something a little less traditional such as rich plum purple with accents of gray. You can also add fun and interesting elements such as maple leaves and berries to decorate wedding arrangements at this time of year. Adding accents of gold, bronze and other metallic colors will also look marvelous in an autumn wedding.


Lush dahlias are one of the essential flowers for autumn weddings. Dahlias come in all the fall colours: red, burgundy, orange and plum and they blossom during this season. Dahlias symbolize the inner strength and creativity.

Dahlia flowers for autumn weddings

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Calla lilies

Calla lilies are elegant and have a beautiful shape and color scheme for autumn weddings. Calla lilies also keep their shape for several days after being cut. This means that they will look as glorious in the morning  of your weddings day as they will at night. Calla lilies suggest magnificent beauty and refinement.

Calla lilies flowers for autumn weddings

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Gerberas are one of the most popular flowers for fall weddings. Gerbera daisies are available in many different color and sizes and they suggest loyalty and innocence. Gerberas are best to be used in centerpieces and bridal bouquets but can also look fun as a boutonniere or corsage when used in the mini size.

gerbera flowers for autumn weddings

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Chrysanthemum symbolizes optimism and joy. Chrysanthemums are one of the flowers that stay alive long after being cut. They can stay up for hours without water. Chrysanthemum comes in various colours, shapes and sizes and are the quintessential flowers for fall.

mums flowers for autumn wedding

Here is a good example of a beautiful bridal bouquet with mixed flowers in the shades of dark red and orange. In addition this bouquet has the elemts of berries and metallic to make the bouquet more individual and interesting.

flowers for autumn weddings mixed

In the pictures below are boutonnieres that fit into the fall wedding theme and are at the same time fun and interesting.

flowers for autumn weddings boutonniere
fall 6flowers for autumn weddings boutonniere 2

Here are some fabulous examples of table decorations for a fall wedding. These decorations cherish the colour scheme of fall with mixed flowers and interesting details.