Flowers are a beautiful decoration for the house for a special occasion or then just for every day. Here we listed some fresh ideas on how to indicate fresh flowers to your home decor.

Flowers do not always need to be placed in a table . Try attach vases to the wall and have either several flowers in a vase or just one flower. This will make your wall look interesting and it is a beautiful decoration as well.


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Mix flowers with different fruits for example lemons or apples. Put whole apples into a vase or then cut pieces of lemon to a vase. Put flowers on top of the vase. This is beautiful and simple decoration for home. It is also easy to change depending on time of the year. You can have apples in the autumn and there is even variety between the colour of the apples. Have lemons in a vase during spring.

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For your front porch stack a few pots over one another and have flowers in each of the levels. This simple and yet beautiful way to decorate. It does not take too much space either.

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Have succulents or small flowers in a glass jar. This way you can have a beautiful decoration where you can stack different things to the glass jar to make the decoration more interesting. Do not only add soil to the jar but also stones and maybe some moss even.

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You can also place flowers inside a bird cage either as a centerpiece for a celebration or then just as a normal decoration piece. You can have the bird cage on a table or then hanging somewhere.

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