Rustic theme has become very popular in the past few years. Here we have listed some ideas for a rustic centerpieces.

Mason jars are popular nowadays and can be used as a vase or as a candle holder. When using jars make sure that your flower arrangement fits well into the jar. Jars can also be coloured to fit the wedding theme.


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When you use a simple floral decor do add other decorative elements for example old glass bottles, votives, branches and watering can even. This way your tables will look full and interesting. Tins are also a great decorative elements. They are  best to be used as vases. Tins can also be made more decorative b y adding lace around it.


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When you still want cascading and magnificent centerpiece, have branches at your centerpieces. They will look good especially when created with a contrast of blush or white flowers.


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If you wish to make normal vases look more rustic add thread around the vase. For a more romantic look you can also add lace around the vases. Consider also adding small branches around votives or vases.


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Use your creativity when choosing the centerpieces. The flowers themselves should be kept quite cohesive but the vases can be played around with. Use different types of vases and you can also mix with glass vases and wooden vases. Wooden locks also make great base for a flower centerpieces. Use wooden locks instead of vases. Add the glass candle holders for contrast.


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