The warm weather is around the corner. With warm breeze, and France of flowers in the air, it is a great time for a floral theme outdoor or indoor party. Flowers add a mesmerizing touch at any party or event. Flower Parade has been providing fresh and personalized flower decorations for all types of parties and events in Mississauga.

There are many ways to incorporate flowers in your next party. Our unique floral decorations are designed by keeping up the latest trends which will make your party Insta ready! Our florists create eye-catching and statement pieces which can transform your party. For each wedding, we consult with the couple and never miss out on any detail. From creating a personalized bridal bouquet to a flower wall for all your pictures, Flower Parade has made many events memorable for our clients.

Flower Parade has provided flowers for various types and scale of events. Party flowers have been gaining popularity among Mississauga residents. Fresh cut flowers decorations enhance the ambience of any theme and event. Our flowers have been sources from sustainable resources from all over world.  Some of the popular parties around Mississauga are;

  • Baby showers and gender reveal parties
  • Bridal showers
  • Birthday parties
  • Graduation parties
  • Other types of pre-wedding events

Our florists can create some amazing displays for your casual or formal parties. These party flowers and decorations will add elegance to your party. Various types and colors of flowers are suitable for different parties.  Our florists also plan and create floral pieces as per the theme of your party. For some of the popular parties our florists recommend these party flowers:

For baby showers and gender reveal parties, you can go the traditional route of pinks and blues. But for the surprise gender reveal parties purple, green and yellow flowers are gaining popularity. These flowers can be arranged around the themed décor and main seating areas. Baby’s Breath flowers and carnations are very popular choices for such parties.

For birthday parties, we have seen all hues of gold and silvers as being the most popular color choice. Flower decorations gives you plenty of room to customize them as per your theme. You can have a large floral decoration made with the favorite flower of the birthday person. You also can add smaller decorations around the cake and the food table. Flower Parade offers a wide range of floral choice in many different colors. We can create unique floral pieces as per the birthday theme.

Graduation parties are the celebration of one of the biggest achievement in a young person’s life. You can celebrate it by creating bouquets and flower arrangements in the color of their graduating school. Generally, graduation parties have fun and relaxed vibe, so hibiscus, bougainvillea, carnations will make your party a memorable one.

For all types of weddings and related events our florists are available to create floral decorations as per your culture and style. We have created some amazing centerpieces with Curly Willows dipped and sprayed with the chosen color of the event. Those curly willows are them complimented with Hydrangeas and Carnations in vibrant colors. For the wedding events we also create mesmerizing entry-way statement floral decorations. These can be either long floral trail along the entry way or large vases of fresh flowers handpicked and arranged by our experienced florists in Mississauga.

Fresh flowers bouquets also make a perfect personalized gift. Colors and flowers can be chosen as per the theme or liking of the recipient. We carry all types of fresh flowers from all around the world, so we can provide the best florist services to our Mississauga clients.