As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, we start to think about how we can show the special people in our lives how much we care about them. For hundreds of years, flowers have been one of the most meaningful and traditional way to express our love. But just like our love, flowers come in many different sizes, colours, and styles and we often have no idea where to begin choosing the perfect arrangement for that special someone. For this Valentine’s Day, we asked some of our experienced florists for some of their favourite tips and tricks when it comes to picking the perfect floral arrangement.

Don’t Know Their Favourite Flower? Don’t Worry!

Here at Flower Parade, we know a person’s interests, personality, and even their style can help decide which flowers to choose. If you are unsure on what to get, we may ask: What’s their style? Is it Modern or more traditional? Do they wear a lot of colour or do they prefer calm tones and colours? Are they outgoing or are they more on the shy-side? Analyzing a person’s personality can help create the perfect arrangement that’s unique to them.

Bigger is not Always Better…

Most people think they must purchase a massive bouquet to express how much they love their significant other, but this isn’t always the case! As we just said, a person’s personality reflects their choice in floral arrangements. If your significant other is more reserved and quiet, a simple bouquet may be perfect rather than a loud and colourful one. A simple bouquet of a dozen red roses has done wonders in the past! Check out Flower Parade’s The FTD® Deeply Devoted™ Bouquet for something simple.

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Valentines Flowers

Surprise Delivery

Sending flowers to your S/O’s work is the perfect surprise. They won’t be expecting anything until they see you later that evening. Even sending flowers the day before with a little note saying “I couldn’t wait another day longer! Happy Valentine’s Day.” This way, you can guarantee they’ll get their flowers and avoid a late delivery on the actual day as it’s the busiest day of the year for florists.

Not Just for Your Significant Other

What is becoming more and more common on Valentines Day is not just sending your S/O flowers, but sending flowers to the other loved ones in your life. Parents, siblings, grandparents and friends all want to know you love them too! Try sending your mother a bouquet of her favourite flowers or your grandmother a simple orchid.

Bouquets They’ll Love

We asked Art of Celebrations owner Roxy Zapala what she thinks are 2017’s best arrangements for Valentines Day. Here are some of her favourite picks from Flower Parade:

The FTD® My Heart to Yours™ Rose Bouquet

The FTDR My Heart To YoursT Rose Bouquet
Valentines Flowers

Don’t Forget…Put Your Order in Early!

Remember, Valentine’s Day is the BUSIEST day of the year for us florists. We are running around all day making pre-ordered bouquets and delivering them across the city. Chances are, if you show up that evening you’re going to be going home with the last picks or even empty-handed! Order your flowers more than a week in advance to avoid disappointing your loved ones.

Have a Lovely Valentine’s Day!


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